Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unravel and Re-use

So I'm unraveling my slouchy hat that I made out of Artfibers Ming. Love how drapey the yarn is. Didn't like how the hat turned out. I don't have a whole lot of luck knitting hats. I'm not a big hat wearing person anyway BUT I love scarves and cowls. Below is my attempt at making the Ilean cowl. Love the pattern, but by my 8th row I didn't think Ming suited it. So I took it off the needles. Unraveled again.

I'm going to try a different pattern. I want to reeeeeaaallllly love this cowl because this yarn is wonderful and soooo soft around my neck. I want it to be my Linus blanket of cowls.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Knitting and Cupcakes

Two of my favorite things! I was scoping out recipes for vegan cupcakes and came across this site. I think my eyes bugged out when I saw those pictures. OMG. The detail blew me away. Pretty cool.

I'm a little stuck on my sweater project right now. I realize I made a mistake somewhere and I'm trying to figure out a way out of not frogging what I have done already. I really don't like frogging.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sweaters and Sushi

I sucked it up and started a sweater in the middle of summer. I'm being a good little knitter and using stash instead of buying more yarn. I'd like to be done by fall but who knows what other projects may catch my eye. Until then...Flair sweater it is.
The real reason I started a sweater is so I could use my sushi stitch markers.

I *heart* my sushi stitch markers. =)