Monday, November 29, 2010

How about some quick Malabrigo lovin'?

At the Verb for Keeping Warm re-opening at their new Oakland location I came across this lovely skein of Malabrigo goodness...

VFKW & Malabrigo Rasta

Kristine created it into an earflap hat to show off at her new space and I immediately had to make one of my own. Because of how chunky the yarn is I knew it would be a quick knit so I could use it on the Thanksgiving Tahoe trip.

photo 1.JPG

I knew the work load at the office would be super slow during Thanksgiving week so I knit it up in a few hours. Knitting helped me keep me awake! I ripped it out when I got home because I felt it was coming out too snug and the length was a bit short for my taste.

Thanksgiving/Lake Tahoe

I knitted 2 extra rows before the 1st decrease row. Then before the next decrese row I added an extra row. I used 3 strands for each cord and braided it. I may (or may not) re-do the cords and make them into i-cords instead.

Earflap Hat

It was perfect for the Tahoe trip! It kept my noggin nice and toasty. =)

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fail. Started Over.

I had to rip out this sucker last week because it wasn't coming out the same as the first one. My previous notes failed me. I don't know what happened but the second sock was coming out a wee bit smaller and more snug. I didn't do enough increases so I increased until it matched up with the first sock.

At least I'm not ripping out a sweater, which I might have to do after I finish this sock. I'm not completely happy with my Napoleon vest. After seaming everything together, there is so much fabric under the arms that it gapes open. I had a feeling that I should've gone down a size. Berroco patterns that I have knit seem to run big. I thought that because this is a garment that needs to be layered, I could use the positive ease.

I may go back and re-knit the lower back or front (or both?! ack!) in the smaller size. I'm trying not to be lazy and crochet in some tucks there instead. I don't think it'll look good at all. Eh, all I know is that I can't move on to a new project until this vest gets done to my liking.