Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got Sock Yarn?

I'm sitting at work bored out of my mind and itching to break out my current sock project to secretly (shhh!) knit at my desk. It's just a generic toe-up pattern to learn a better way to knit socks toe up but the color of the yarn I'm using is beautiful.

Hazel Knits Yarn - Olympic Rainforest

It's Hazel Knits yarn in a colorway called Olympic in Washington State's Olympic Rainforest. It reminds me of the description of the little town of Forks, WA that the Twilight book series is set in. I think Hazel Knits did an excellent job with the colors representing the name of the yarn. It makes me want to pack my bags and head to Seattle or Portland.

I have another skein of yarn that I bought from an indie sock dyer who made Twilight themed sock yarn called Forks, WA.

Forks, WA

To me the colors don't really remind me of the the Pacific Northwest...too yellow-green for me I guess. The colors are very muted compared to the Hazel Knits yarn but I can't wait to knit this up. It's a silk merino blend and feels very cushy.

My final sock yarn purchase for awhile (at least until Stitches West) is this yarn from indie dyer, Fiberphiles who sells her yarns on
I got it in the mail last week and it the vibrant colors in this picture are just as gorgeous in person! The wonderful turquoise color is what caught my eye and made me have to have it.
With all this yarn buying I finished my Charade socks the other day. Yay!

Charade Socks (blog)

It was simple and mindless with enough detail...a great pattern. Mana (kitty) wouldn't leave me alone and get out of the shot. (So glad the stubble on my legs didn't show up though!)
I was listening to the Stash and Burn podcast this morning and Nicole (or Jenny?) mentioned the Vestuary group in Ravelry. Vestuary? Well, it's a group for those who want to fight off the February blahs by knitting up a vest of your choosing. I have a vest cardi pattern that I purchased last month called Simply Squared. It's perfect for this group! I need the motivation to knit something bigger than socks or a cowl. After last year's Tilted Duster disaster I didn't want to go through the heart break of screwing up another sweater project. The pattern is a nice baby step back into the sweater knitting world.