Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knitting Inspiration

I was cleaning out a bag I had brought to Stitches West in February and found this free pattern Malabrigo handed out called Coprispalle. I remember how beautiful it was on the the person wearing it. In Italian, Coprispalle translates to "shrug" (via google translator). I think it's more of a cape than a shrug though. Whatever it is, it's beautiful.

I needed some inspiration to kick my knitting rut and this was it. I've been really bummed by my past sweater projects not working out and decided I need to not make any for awhile. So, this one size fits all cape will do for now. I hope I get some use out of it if and when I finish. At the rate I'm knitting I'll be done by the Fall months which will fit this colorway. This is Malabrigo's yarn sock in Arbol...a bit of olive green and chocolate brown. Personally, I'm not a fan of wearing garments that have a lot of variegated color but I think I can pull this one off.

I casted on twice (269 stitches!!!) the wrong way until Erin pointed out to me that the instructions to the double needle cast on was at the end of the pattern. Goes to show that you should always read the directions first before casting on. =/ After looking through youtube videos and slowly reading the instructions step by step, I finally cast on succesfully yesterday. Sheesh.