Thursday, December 09, 2010


Aidez, originally uploaded by Filipina Sakura.

I have no business putting another sweater project on the needles when I should be frogging my Napoleon vest and starting over. But I did. Aidez uses super chunky yarn, Berocco's Peruvia Quick. I got a great deal on it, otherwise I would've never bought the yarn. I swore I would never make a sweater with chunky yarn because the fat girl wardrobe rules state that chunky yarn and chunky gals don't mix. Screw the rules. If I look like the Michelin Man so be it. I want a comfy sweater for winter dammit.

My gauge is off so I am crossing my fingers it will work out in the end with (or without) blocking. I'm using smaller needles than it calls for so I can't tell if it'll come out bigger than the schematics show. All I ask for is that it doesn't come out gigantic like my tilted duster, another sweater I need to frog. =/

Monday, November 29, 2010

How about some quick Malabrigo lovin'?

At the Verb for Keeping Warm re-opening at their new Oakland location I came across this lovely skein of Malabrigo goodness...

VFKW & Malabrigo Rasta

Kristine created it into an earflap hat to show off at her new space and I immediately had to make one of my own. Because of how chunky the yarn is I knew it would be a quick knit so I could use it on the Thanksgiving Tahoe trip.

photo 1.JPG

I knew the work load at the office would be super slow during Thanksgiving week so I knit it up in a few hours. Knitting helped me keep me awake! I ripped it out when I got home because I felt it was coming out too snug and the length was a bit short for my taste.

Thanksgiving/Lake Tahoe

I knitted 2 extra rows before the 1st decrease row. Then before the next decrese row I added an extra row. I used 3 strands for each cord and braided it. I may (or may not) re-do the cords and make them into i-cords instead.

Earflap Hat

It was perfect for the Tahoe trip! It kept my noggin nice and toasty. =)

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fail. Started Over.

I had to rip out this sucker last week because it wasn't coming out the same as the first one. My previous notes failed me. I don't know what happened but the second sock was coming out a wee bit smaller and more snug. I didn't do enough increases so I increased until it matched up with the first sock.

At least I'm not ripping out a sweater, which I might have to do after I finish this sock. I'm not completely happy with my Napoleon vest. After seaming everything together, there is so much fabric under the arms that it gapes open. I had a feeling that I should've gone down a size. Berroco patterns that I have knit seem to run big. I thought that because this is a garment that needs to be layered, I could use the positive ease.

I may go back and re-knit the lower back or front (or both?! ack!) in the smaller size. I'm trying not to be lazy and crochet in some tucks there instead. I don't think it'll look good at all. Eh, all I know is that I can't move on to a new project until this vest gets done to my liking.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One sock down... more to go (see it on the needles in the upper right corner?).
I'm finally going to finish this pair. This has been on the backburner for close to 2 years. I forgot how sturdy the material feels once it's knitted up. I thought about doing twisted stitches on the ball and heel of the foot but I'm sure it'll be around for years before I wear them out.
Its like knitting floss but I'm looking forward to putting these babies on my feet when the cold weather hits.

Friday, October 22, 2010

So many knits to finish, so little time!

I finished all the pieces for my Napoleon 2 days ago and I can't start seaming them together until I steam block. Everything I've read about seaming says I must steam block or else. I won't take the chance on what that "or else" could turn out like. I've been there. I don't want to go there again. Needless to say I've been putting it off so I've been going through my queue of unfinished projects. Oh boy, do I have a lot of those.

I dug through the stash jumble that I keep in some bins in the closet. I was specifically looking for my Olympic socks. They were nowhere to be found. Where could they be? Then I went to my other closet where I keep all my bags/purses/clothes/shoes. Of course, it was in one of my many bags that I haven't used in awhile...along with that damn ball of green yarn I needed to finish up the Backyard Leaves scarf. I wasted my time going through the trouble of hunting down a ball and buying it. DAMMIT! Now I don't know what to do with that ball. I put it up for sale in Ravelry. Hopefully someone needs it. Or maybe I'll come up with some fabulous project that uses up all my yarn odds and ends. Everytime I look through alllllll my knitting stuff I can't believe how much it accumulates. Then I remind myself for the 20398204892039 time that I can't buy anymore yarn until I use what I have. How many knitters out there say that to themselves?

But back to my Olympic socks. Good news is I finished one. Bad news is that I need to cast on for the second one and I'm hoping that I have good notes from the first sock so that the second one doesn't come out completely different. That Hazel Knits sock yarn is impressively sturdy! I still love the color too. I actually can't wait to get started...but first I need to figure out this steam blocking business.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st FO in 2010!!!

Backyard leaves scarf, originally uploaded by Filipina Sakura.

2010 has over 3 months to go and sadly I've only completed one project so far. It's not the best pic but eh...good enough. I am finished with my Coprispalle cape EXCEPT for the button loop and sewing on a button but it can wait until I feel like wearing it in the cooler weather to come this season. On to more WIPs! I need to dig out my Olympic Rainforest Socks and finish the other pair. BAM! 3 projects done if I can find those socks.

Currently on the needles is my Napoleon Vest. Swatching was a bitch! I've never had so much trouble before. I'm normally spot on when swatching but I think because this yarn is somewhat fragile due to how wonderfully soft it is, I knit a bit too loose getting gauge. I ended up with a size 7, 6, and 5 swatch (in that order). It was super frustrating. 7 was too loose. 6 was a hair off from getting the right gauge, and 5 was about the same. I stuck with 6. If I go apeshit realizing that it's too big when I'm almost done, then so be it! It's just knitting (says the girl who has failed miserably knitting up 2 sweaters that came out gross).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cape of Drab

My 3G iPhone camera doesn't do the colors justice. The florescent lighting at my desk makes it so drab. I started the decrease repeats a few days ago which means I'm halfway through finishing this cape.

I've got to be honest, I'm not really loving this garment. Not sure why. Maybe because this isn't a color I usually work with? Maybe working with sock yarn that makes this project so painstakingly long to knit is boring me? Once I'm done knitting, blocking, and sewing on the perfect button I'm sure I'll be more excited about wearing it through the fall weather.

Here's my problem...I can't think of an outfit to wear this with. From what I recall at Stitches West the Malabrigo rep wore their sample garment with a black A-line type skirt, probably a fitted black shirt underneath, and knee high black leather boots. It was a cute ensemble on her. Put that outfit on me and it's not something I can pull off with my body type. I might not even be able to pull off this cape.
We'll see what happens. I'll look through some Bergdorf Goodman outfits online to get some ideas. They're proclaiming knits are all the rage this season.
I was looking at my projects on Ravelry and I'm so sad that I haven't finished any projects this year. It's not that I haven't tried. In January I had every intention of finishing my green Backyard Leaves scarf. The pattern is beautiful and I wanted to wear it the remainder of the winter season...then I ran out yarn. I thought I had one other ball somewhere in my stash or I stupidly didn't calculate the right yardage for the scarf. The unfortunate problem is this yarn was bought as a closeout yarn from Tuesday Morning which means I CAN'T FIND THIS YARN ANYWHERE!!! I could find a substitute but finding the right shade to match is going to be a bitch. I tried looking on Ravelry hoping to find someone that has extra or willing to sell but this color doesn't seem to exist for anyone but me.
I started an improvised shawl sweater but that went down the tubes. I realized halfway through that it was going to be too small and the ribbing pattern wouldn't suit me. I need to find a ribbing pattern that comes out flat and not bumpy. After I finish the cape I'm going to frog it and start over. I'll finish a pair of socks that's been on the backburner as well.
I'm crossing my fingers I'll have at least 3 projects in the bag by the end of the year. Maybe even 4.

Friday, June 04, 2010


It took me a month just to get this far and this is only 3 repeats of the herringbone pattern! At this rate I can only hope to be done by Thanksgiving. As the days get warmer, the less I want to pick up any knitting, especially the bigger projects. Maybe I should finish the other Olympic Rainforest sock? The other poor pair has been lonely for over a year now. It's about time I give her a mate. Love wearing handknit socks, but hate making them.

I became a Kiva loan member today and joined the Ravelry team to specifically support craft/knitting/fiber businesses. has been around for awhile now but never got a chance to finally give a loan to help entrepreneurs of small businesses in places like Peru, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Once these businesses make their money back they will repay the loan and then you can recycle the money back to another business of your choice. Check out my side bar of the Peruvian business I'm helping and maybe you can give too if the loan hasn't been fulfilled. =) >>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knitting Inspiration

I was cleaning out a bag I had brought to Stitches West in February and found this free pattern Malabrigo handed out called Coprispalle. I remember how beautiful it was on the the person wearing it. In Italian, Coprispalle translates to "shrug" (via google translator). I think it's more of a cape than a shrug though. Whatever it is, it's beautiful.

I needed some inspiration to kick my knitting rut and this was it. I've been really bummed by my past sweater projects not working out and decided I need to not make any for awhile. So, this one size fits all cape will do for now. I hope I get some use out of it if and when I finish. At the rate I'm knitting I'll be done by the Fall months which will fit this colorway. This is Malabrigo's yarn sock in Arbol...a bit of olive green and chocolate brown. Personally, I'm not a fan of wearing garments that have a lot of variegated color but I think I can pull this one off.

I casted on twice (269 stitches!!!) the wrong way until Erin pointed out to me that the instructions to the double needle cast on was at the end of the pattern. Goes to show that you should always read the directions first before casting on. =/ After looking through youtube videos and slowly reading the instructions step by step, I finally cast on succesfully yesterday. Sheesh.

Friday, March 05, 2010

What I should've spent my budget on at Stitches West last weekend

Flipping finally! It's bee-yooo-tee-full!! At Stitches last weekend I was reminded that Alpaca Direct's pricing for these Addi Clicks couldn't be beat by any other retailer/website. I ended up spending too much on yarn and didn't have enough for the needles. As soon as I got more funds (payday!!!) I ordered it from AD's website (free shipping). The brick and mortar location is practically in my backyard (but a tiny bit out of the way) so getting it sent to me was a nice option. I'm so glad I waited awhile to get this set because the first version didn't come with a small travel organizer. Now I can get my knitting mojo on and get some activity going on this blog.