Friday, March 05, 2010

What I should've spent my budget on at Stitches West last weekend

Flipping finally! It's bee-yooo-tee-full!! At Stitches last weekend I was reminded that Alpaca Direct's pricing for these Addi Clicks couldn't be beat by any other retailer/website. I ended up spending too much on yarn and didn't have enough for the needles. As soon as I got more funds (payday!!!) I ordered it from AD's website (free shipping). The brick and mortar location is practically in my backyard (but a tiny bit out of the way) so getting it sent to me was a nice option. I'm so glad I waited awhile to get this set because the first version didn't come with a small travel organizer. Now I can get my knitting mojo on and get some activity going on this blog.