Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st FO in 2010!!!

Backyard leaves scarf, originally uploaded by Filipina Sakura.

2010 has over 3 months to go and sadly I've only completed one project so far. It's not the best pic but eh...good enough. I am finished with my Coprispalle cape EXCEPT for the button loop and sewing on a button but it can wait until I feel like wearing it in the cooler weather to come this season. On to more WIPs! I need to dig out my Olympic Rainforest Socks and finish the other pair. BAM! 3 projects done if I can find those socks.

Currently on the needles is my Napoleon Vest. Swatching was a bitch! I've never had so much trouble before. I'm normally spot on when swatching but I think because this yarn is somewhat fragile due to how wonderfully soft it is, I knit a bit too loose getting gauge. I ended up with a size 7, 6, and 5 swatch (in that order). It was super frustrating. 7 was too loose. 6 was a hair off from getting the right gauge, and 5 was about the same. I stuck with 6. If I go apeshit realizing that it's too big when I'm almost done, then so be it! It's just knitting (says the girl who has failed miserably knitting up 2 sweaters that came out gross).