Thursday, January 31, 2008

One more TD sleeve to go and an addition to my stash

Seaming sleeves = NO fun
It's not difficult but it took me HOURS to figure it out on my own. I researched online, asked around in Ravelry, and looked for tutorials in my knitting books. Jeezus! If I drove over to my favorite yarn store and asked for help I would've had it down in minutes. Unfortunately any yarn store is out of the way for me around here. It sucks. The Antioch/Brentwood area needs a yarn store BAD. It would do very well out here considering this area has grown quite rapidly and there are crafty people out here. There's no competition except Michael's and Walmart but us snobby yarn enthusiasts prefer premium yarn stores with great customer service. Know what I mean?

What was I was talking about before my rant? Oh yes, my finishing. So yeah, I need to sign up for a finishing class (too late now to sign up for anything at Stitches West). My shotty job is ok for now but with future projects I would like to make my finishing much nicer. I still need to block and re-do the placement of the buttons. This isn't a great pic, but here it is:

On Ravelry I'm part of a fan group for Showtime's series, Dexter. I LOVE that show and have seen every episode. Carrie, of Socks in the City created Dexter themed colorways available for purchase that are sooo cool. Some of the colorway names are Dexter, Dexter's Canvas, "103", Lila, Hawaiian Shirts, Ice Truck Killer, Dark Defender, Bay Harbor Butcher, Beneath the Bay, and Hooker's Fingernails. If you watch the show then you can only the imagine the colorways. Carrie is so right on with the dyes. The one I had to have is Ice Truck Killer, pictured below. It's a basic superwash sock yarn. I can't wait to knit myself up a pair of socks! I found a little red splatter on the skein. I find it kinda funny, like a little blood splatter that the ITK missed. Not that blood splatter is funny, but if you watch the show...OH nevermind.

I gotta get back to seaming now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The knitting plan in 2008

This is the beginning of my third year of knitting. I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished so far (such as learning how to knit continental and knitting socks) but I have so much more to learn and many more things to knit. I decided to make a very short underwhelming list of what I'd like to do this year:
  1. Knit a Fair Isle pattern...something small, like mittens.
  2. Learn how to knit a pair of socks on a circular needle. I have no problem with dpns but the less needles to use the better.
  3. Learn how to knit using magic loop methods...which is probably similar to #2.
  4. Learn better finishing methods for knitted garments.
  5. Figure out how to read Japanese knitting patterns.

Told ya it was short. I'd like to avoid disappointing myself whenever possible. =) I'm sure I'll get sidetracked somehow but we'll see how it goes.

**edit** I need to add one more thing to my list: LEARN TO CROCHET!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Swiftless no more

Bubba will be very happy when I tell him that I don't need him to help me wind up my yarn anymore. My most anticipated knitting toy arrived today. My swift!!! I can now wind skeins independently! I found it on (my other addiction) by theknitstore.

It's so inexpensive compared to other swifts I've found online and at yarnstores. I love a good bargain. Plus it's handmade. It's a simple wood swift and you don't have to clamp it on to anything like most swifts. You don't need a winder but it helps to cut down on tons of winding time. TONS.

Here's my set up on the coffee table:

And here's the resulting pretty ball of yarn:


Sunday, January 06, 2008

TD update and the "happy" gift recipients

I haven't worked on the tilted duster as much as I wanted to this past week. I thought I was going to knit the entire time I was dog sitting for my brother because I'd be bored out of my mind but that didn't happen. When I finally got a chance to take a breather I figured out how to seam the shoulders of the TD (as seen here)
and seam the sides of of the front and back portions using the mattress stitch seen here:
I love learning new stuff about knitting! I still have so much to learn. Here is the upper body finished:
I'm a bit further along since I took this photo. I knitted one sleeve, skipped the other and went for the skirt next. I'm about 5 inches into the skirt. Picking up stitches for the skirt was a complete bitch. I kept losing count of how many I needed to pick up and for some reason I was having a really difficult time picking up and knitting the stitches because they were really tight. Was anyone else out there having this problem? But anyway, I'm in skirt rib hell right now. It's taking forever. Peruvia is extremely rough on my hands while knitting but after blocking the front and back pieces they were surprisingly soft. I have about 5 more skirt repeats to go, still need to knit up the other sleeve, and then do the ribbed collar. Yup. That's all.

Here's my niece and cousin with their knitted gifts I made them:Marhiel has a purl scarf with some floofy yarn I found at Jo-ann's. Yes, it's acrylic but can be thrown in the washing machine. There's no way in hell her busy mom would remember to handwash it. If I used wool it would be a felted mess by now and my efforts would've been wasted and I'd be upset.
Leila got the fingerless gloves and foliage hat made out of Malabrigo worsted. (She wouldn't put the hat on because she didn't want to mess up her hair. Whatever. *rolling eyes*)
If they didn't like them they definitely humored me and flashed a big smile for these photos.
Happy New Year to everyone and more fearless knitting in 2008!