Sunday, August 07, 2011

Liesl: In progress

The summer flies by fast when you're trying to finish a summer tunic. I'm currently working on Liesl, a tunic tank by Coco Knits.
I couldn't exactly afford to spend the amount on Louet linen yarn that the pattern called for in my size. When I saw a sample garment of Liesl on one of the the Coco Knits ladies at Stitches West, I knew it wasn't a 100% linen yarn that was used. She said it was made from Berocco Origami. I immediately went to the Webs booth and hunted that yarn down! I knew with the amount I'd need that the yarn would be discountable at 20% for purchases over $60. Berocco yarn is somewhat in my price range too, so yay me...I'm making a tank top for just under $100. =/ It's insane. I would never purchase a tunic tank top at that price. EVER. Only snobby yarn knitters would understand the psychological explanation for that one.

I like this yarn, but I wish that Origami came in solid colors. Variegated tops aren't usually my thing but I like the colors. Although it's a crazy amount of stockinette, it does keep my interest with the decreases and the construction of the pockets.

I want to be done with this before the unofficial last day of Summer...Labor Day. This gives me less than a month to go. After that i have to get a move on with Jolyne's birthday project. What that will be, I don't know but I'll only have 2 or so weeks to complete it. Fortunately it'll be a scarf or cowl. I can spit those out pretty quickly if it's an easy pattern. Even faster if it's lacey. It can be done. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm not of a fan of deadline knitting. It takes all the fun out of it.