Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cape of Drab

My 3G iPhone camera doesn't do the colors justice. The florescent lighting at my desk makes it so drab. I started the decrease repeats a few days ago which means I'm halfway through finishing this cape.

I've got to be honest, I'm not really loving this garment. Not sure why. Maybe because this isn't a color I usually work with? Maybe working with sock yarn that makes this project so painstakingly long to knit is boring me? Once I'm done knitting, blocking, and sewing on the perfect button I'm sure I'll be more excited about wearing it through the fall weather.

Here's my problem...I can't think of an outfit to wear this with. From what I recall at Stitches West the Malabrigo rep wore their sample garment with a black A-line type skirt, probably a fitted black shirt underneath, and knee high black leather boots. It was a cute ensemble on her. Put that outfit on me and it's not something I can pull off with my body type. I might not even be able to pull off this cape.
We'll see what happens. I'll look through some Bergdorf Goodman outfits online to get some ideas. They're proclaiming knits are all the rage this season.
I was looking at my projects on Ravelry and I'm so sad that I haven't finished any projects this year. It's not that I haven't tried. In January I had every intention of finishing my green Backyard Leaves scarf. The pattern is beautiful and I wanted to wear it the remainder of the winter season...then I ran out yarn. I thought I had one other ball somewhere in my stash or I stupidly didn't calculate the right yardage for the scarf. The unfortunate problem is this yarn was bought as a closeout yarn from Tuesday Morning which means I CAN'T FIND THIS YARN ANYWHERE!!! I could find a substitute but finding the right shade to match is going to be a bitch. I tried looking on Ravelry hoping to find someone that has extra or willing to sell but this color doesn't seem to exist for anyone but me.
I started an improvised shawl sweater but that went down the tubes. I realized halfway through that it was going to be too small and the ribbing pattern wouldn't suit me. I need to find a ribbing pattern that comes out flat and not bumpy. After I finish the cape I'm going to frog it and start over. I'll finish a pair of socks that's been on the backburner as well.
I'm crossing my fingers I'll have at least 3 projects in the bag by the end of the year. Maybe even 4.