Friday, June 04, 2010


It took me a month just to get this far and this is only 3 repeats of the herringbone pattern! At this rate I can only hope to be done by Thanksgiving. As the days get warmer, the less I want to pick up any knitting, especially the bigger projects. Maybe I should finish the other Olympic Rainforest sock? The other poor pair has been lonely for over a year now. It's about time I give her a mate. Love wearing handknit socks, but hate making them.

I became a Kiva loan member today and joined the Ravelry team to specifically support craft/knitting/fiber businesses. has been around for awhile now but never got a chance to finally give a loan to help entrepreneurs of small businesses in places like Peru, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Once these businesses make their money back they will repay the loan and then you can recycle the money back to another business of your choice. Check out my side bar of the Peruvian business I'm helping and maybe you can give too if the loan hasn't been fulfilled. =) >>>>>>>>>>>