Thursday, December 09, 2010


Aidez, originally uploaded by Filipina Sakura.

I have no business putting another sweater project on the needles when I should be frogging my Napoleon vest and starting over. But I did. Aidez uses super chunky yarn, Berocco's Peruvia Quick. I got a great deal on it, otherwise I would've never bought the yarn. I swore I would never make a sweater with chunky yarn because the fat girl wardrobe rules state that chunky yarn and chunky gals don't mix. Screw the rules. If I look like the Michelin Man so be it. I want a comfy sweater for winter dammit.

My gauge is off so I am crossing my fingers it will work out in the end with (or without) blocking. I'm using smaller needles than it calls for so I can't tell if it'll come out bigger than the schematics show. All I ask for is that it doesn't come out gigantic like my tilted duster, another sweater I need to frog. =/