Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pucker: Home Stretch? Think again.

Yikes this photo hurts my eyes! I was experimenting with a new app on my iPhone that is supposed to fix low light photos I've taken with it. The yarn does have a lot of sheen but not that much.

I'm on my last skein of yarn and of course on the last bit of the instructions to finish off the neck and sleeve shaping I have to join in a new ball of yarn. I thought of just creating 2 balls out of the one last one I have but realized that I will need another new skein so I'll have enough for seaming the edges of the front and back together. Bah! Now I need to call up a few not so close LYS' to find one of the most unpopular colors of Berroco Seduce or suck it up and order it online. I would've had enough if I did as Andra from the WEBS booth at Stitches West instructed me to but I like my garments a little longer than she had imagined for me. She was also taking into account my vertically challenged body. This is why I went home with 2 less skeins of Seduce than I should have.

Oh well. I suppose I don't have any excuse now to not get off my ass and get some cleaning done. Although, I do have that vest I've been needing to get seamed up and finished. I can get that done and off my list of WIPs instead.

The other side of me is wondering why the hell I'm indoors when I should be outdoors enjoying the sunny weather. I could do the finishing outside in the backyard. That's a fantastic idea!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I *heart* this =)

At the weaving pattern class I took at A Verb for Keeping Warm earlier this month, one of the students was Michael of Yknit podcasting fame in the knitting world (WonderMike in Ravelry). He took pics of everyone's progress and my little weaving sample made it into his blog. =)

I'm sad to hear (from the last Yknit podcast) that Michael is moving on from podcasting. He is teaching beginning drop spindling at Verb and Article Pract though. If he's still teaching it by the time I get bitten by the spinning bug, I'll sign up for his class. For now I've still got weaving in my system . I'm taking things one fiber addiction at a time.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pucker Up!

I'm 95% done with the Simply Squared vest. All that's left is joining the shoulder and adding the buttons. I wet blocked it last Thursday night and left for the weekend. By Sunday night it was still damp. I should have it completely done by this weekend. I'll get a chance to wear it before it warms up, granted it fits well. I have 2 concerns though. The first are the arm holes. They seem big. I even measured it up to a favorite vest I've been wearing all winter and the arms holes seem the right size but I won't know until I try it on completed. Second concern is that angora might make me look like a muppet. It's a brown vest so maybe Snuffalapagus from Sesame Street even. *sigh*
Vests aren't too taxing on me so I wasted no time getting Norah Gaughan's Pucker on the needles with Berocco's Seduce. I started it on the long ass drive to Tahoe last Friday. I've never knitted with a yarn like this's slippery and linen-ish. It's a little like knitting with rope. Regardless, this is going to be a great warm weather top. It's very cool to the touch and the drape is very slinky. I'm still not sold on the color though. Maybe once I get a nice tan the yellow won't look too bad against my skin.