Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pucker of Sunshine

Ta daa! It's finally done!!!!!!!!!!
I may add a few more rows of reverse stockinette to the bottom to give it a little bit of length. I prefer tops to be a bit longer than hit right at my hip. I haven't had a chance to wear it and can't wait to!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Never say never

I love the colors and textures of Noro yarn. When I first learned to knit the Silk Garden sucked me in and it resulted in knitting up a shawl sized clapotis. It was beautiful. However, I hated the way how itchy and rough it felt against my skin. I only worn it a couple times and it's been sitting in my closet. In yarn project purgatory. I vowed to never use Noro again. Then I came across the Wabi-sabi shawl made out of Noro Kochoran. =/

After working on 2 clothing projects I needed a simple project to work on and had the urge to make the Wabi-sabi pattern. I know it's practically summer but it's still chilly enough to need a shawl. I figure I could keep this at my desk so when the AC gets jacked up I'll have this to put around my shoulders. I'll look like a granny but who'll be laughing when the other employees are complaining they're freezing.

I tried to find a substitute non-Noro yarn that would give the same effect but I was unsuccessful. I gave in and headed to my LYS to find some Kochoran. There weren't too many color choices that they carried but I ended up with colorway #16. I decided to make the shawl size. After going through a few runs I kinda love it. I love how the angora has a halo effect. It's looks comforting.
When I'm done I'm going to use a tip about soaking it in water with some hair conditioner to help soften up the yarn. If that works I will love this shawl even more.