Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm up when I thought I was down

Since the end of February I've burned through 3,235 yards of stash yarn for 5 projects. This only means I have lots of time knitting my woes away during my job hunt. Though I am feeling extremely accomplished I sabotaged the stash burning with one more inexpensive yarn purchase for a warm weather layering tank.  In addition, I adopted stash from a knitter friend. I couldn't resist free quality stash. YAY for knitter friends with yarn snob taste!!

I finished another Leisl (a long tank) and Effortless Cardigan in just a little over a month (apologies for no pics to share yet). Yesterday was a busy day of back to back volunteering and socializing that I'm going to take it easy today and search through my stash and make a decision on which project to start. Another cardi? cowl? socks? tee? So many choices it can be overwhelming. If only I had another set of arms to work on two projects simultaneously. I wonder if anyone else feels the pressure to make as many knitting projects as possible before the warm weather sneaks in. Don't get me wrong. I love hot weather in small doses but love knitting projects in my lap way more. It was useless trying to knit during my trip in the Philippines last year. The heat was too much for me and the project stayed in my bag unless I was on the plane. Anyway...less typing and more knitting. Till next time!

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