Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My brain broke

Rosemont Sweater

I started the Rosemont Cardigan over the weekend. I almost quit it as soon as I read the instructions. All I could think to myself was WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!? This yarn is cursed! I frogged it from a different cardigan that I started over twice and figured it would be better for an "easy" pattern...Rosemont fooled me! It's not so much that the Rosemont pattern is difficult but it is really confusing. When there has to be an extensive explanation in a blog post one would think there needs to be a re-write to ease the confusion. If the format was better organized, the pattern would be easier to follow. Plain and simple.

With some research I soldiered on after a bit of studying and reading through. It all made sense when I read the Kelbourne Woolens blog post about the increases.

Rosemont Sweater

Keeping track of all the increasing can be a challenge. It feels a bit like juggling and walking a tight rope at the same time. As long as I tick off each row/increase it should all go well. Easier said than done. I. Will. Not. Fail.

I am pleased that this new polish I purchased at yesterday's beauty show is a nice match to the yarn. The polish is CND's Sage Scarf and this wonderfully soft yarn is Terra by The Fibre Company in Black Walnut. Dusty green is one of my favorite colors. Sweet.

With the temps going up this week I have a feeling I won't finish this cardigan anytime soon and will switch to a more appropriate summery cotton pattern instead. No A/C in this house. Time to break out the floor fan!

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