Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lessons never learned

So, yeah. My Stash Buster Blanket is made with all different blends of yarn to 100% wool that had been sitting in bins in the garage for YEARS. Mostly yarn I didn't care too much about but knew it would get donated or used for something eventually. I finished it in December. It came out a bit wonky because stitches were lost as I re-learned Tunisian Crochet. I weaved in the ends this week. Then I lost my mind, threw caution to the wind and  put it in the washing machine. I didn't do anything crazy. My intention was to soak in Eucalan, spin on the lowest possible setting to take out most of the water, and hang to dry. It's just a blanket. Apparently the spin cycle wasn't low enough. The wool definitely felted lightly and the blends/machine wash wool did not. It wasn't shocking, but I was hoping that wouldn't be the outcome. I'm a big dummy. *sigh* It's still a usable blanket that will be used on my bed as a nice weight over my comforter. My cat loves it. Oh yeah, and chances are I'll be making many more stash buster blankets that I WILL NOT felt. Yarn is one thing I'll never run out of.

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